Is Your AC Unit Ready for Summer in South Texas?

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With summer around the corner, it’s important to get air conditioning out of the way now. Today, Rita from Expert Air Conditioning joins us to discuss the importance of maintaining an air conditioning unit and when the best time for that is in southern Texas.

By maintaining your AC unit, you improve the system’s efficiency, increase savings on your monthly energy bill, extend the lifetime of the equipment, and increase the likelihood of spotting minor problems before they become emergency repairs. It’s like taking care of a car. Your AC unit requires attentive maintenance and service.

The best time to service your AC unit is in the spring. Through small repairs and inspections, we can help prepare your system for the warm season. In the summer, your unit works harder than any other time of year to keep your home cool, so it’s best to prepare ahead.

To independently maintain your unit, change the air filter regularly according to manufacturer's guidelines. This increases efficiency. Another thing is to keep the area around the AC unit clear and clean. Clutter can make the machinery work more and harder, which decreases efficiency.

At Expert Air Conditioning, we provide biyearly visits in the spring and fall. Other common services include cleaning outdoor units, clearing drain lines, inspecting for electric components, checking pressures, and providing recommendations for repairs.

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