How Can You Create Raving Fans for Your Business?

In 2012, I had the pleasure of co-authoring an Amazon best seller, The New Rise in Real Estate, where I discussed the importance of creating lifelong customers. When discussing the value of a lifelong customer, it's the biggest investment you can make in the future of your business. You want to create the ultimate home buying experience for your customers, create fans, and be a fan yourself. To do this, you want to follow these 7 simple steps.

 1. Determine your core values.
Your core values are the things that are most important to you and what message you want to relay to your customers. Take time to write them down so you can see them every day, and don't ever deviate from or jeopardize these values.

2. Make sure your team shares these values.
If a member on your team doesn't share these values, cut them loose. If you have someone on your team that doesn't believe in these core values, it will soon become apparent. 

3. Only associate with those who share these same values.
Your job isn't to do everything. Be able to direct your clients to the right people. If your clients get bad service from an affiliate, they will associate them with you. 

4. Don't kick your clients to the curb. 
Be the solution to their problems. Whether directing them to repair their credit, helping them find temporary housing, or showing them how to create a budget, help your clients resolve their issues, or direct them to someone who can. If you help them find a solution, you will be rewarded for your efforts. 

5. Create the ultimate home-buying experience.
Buying a home is an overwhelming process for most, so make sure you have the systems in place to make it as smooth and enjoyable as possible. If the experience isn't pleasurable for a client, you won't be getting their repeat business or their referrals.

6. Create raving fans.
By creating the ultimate home-buying experience, you will create raving fans that will go out of their way to send their referrals to you as a way of saying thanks. Stay in touch with them regularly, and show your appreciation for their referrals. Show them how much you care.

7. Become a raving fan of your clients. 
Just as your clients who you their appreciation, celebrate their achievements, no matter how large or small. You should be in the rooting for your clients, and be their #1 fan. 

In short, when every member of your team is invested in a client's overall experience, you have created the ultimate home-buying experience. 

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