How The Ryan and Brian Team Helped a Seller Get His Home Ready

“We were really satisfied with the whole experience. They explained the whole procedure and who we would be working with. We went in with an idea of what we were asking for and they actually went a little bit higher and said they would be able to get that for us. It was a quick process. All we had to do was get the house ready. They got the house ready. They took photos, did all that. Within 3 weeks the house already had bids. We had a little bit of a bidding war. It ended up selling for above asking. It was a great experience. It was super easy, they were very communicative and let us know everything that was going on throughout the process. We had a renter in the house and we don’t live in the same city as the house we own. They were closer to the house so they pretty much ran around and got spare keys and did a lot of stuff for us. We were an hour and fifteen away from it – so they made it very easy for us. We would totally use them again.” 


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